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Chemical Name: Estradiol Valerate/Dienogest

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Natazia (ON BACKORDER) Bayer United Kingdom 28 day 3 $121.99

Natazia Information:

Natazia (dienogest and estradiol, is also called Qlaira) is a type of medication which will prevent the female ovulation process or cycle. Natazia contains a mixture of all natural female hormones, which will prevent the release of an egg to the ovaries. The medication will also cause a slight change in the cervical mucus and the uterine lining which will make it harder for the sperm passed during intercourse, to actually reach the uterus. Natazia is to be used as a form of contraception; however it can also be used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding within the female human body. The medication may also be prescribed to you for other purposes that are not listed here; however your doctor will be able to provide you with further information.

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Natazia Side Effects:

Mild nausea, vomiting, mild breast swellings, nervousness, agitation and also vaginal itching or discharge are all other less serious effect of using Natazia. This is not a full list of all side effects that you may encounter, and it is important that you are aware of your current state of health. There may also be other medications which interact with Natazia.

Numbness, muscle weakness, chest pains, rapid weight gain, swellings to the feet or ankles, headaches, migraines, breast lumps and severe depression are all serious side effects, which you may encounter whilst using Natazia as your method of contraception. It is important that if you do encounter or experience any type of side effect whilst using Natazia that you consult your doctor or physician for further advice and guidance. You should constantly monitor your health and if you experience a side effect, you should ensure that the symptoms of it do not persist or appear to get worse.

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