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Zotrim Slimming Tablet  BACKORDERED Natures Remedies United Kingdom 180 tab 1 $51.00
Zotrim Slimming Tablet  BACKORDERED Natures Remedies United Kingdom 360 tab 1 $88.00
Zotrim Slimming Tablet  BACKORDERED Natures Remedies United Kingdom 540 tab 1 $125.00

Zotrim Slimming Tablet Information:

ZOTRIM from Natures Remedies HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING LESS YOU NATURALLY FEEL FULL UP MORE QUICKLY, AND THE FULLER YOU FEEL THE LESS YOU EAT. ZOTRIM IS THE PRODUCT WITH PROOF A SAFE EFFECTIVE HERBAL COMBINATION WHICH NEW RESEARCH SHOWS REALLY WORKS Zotrim herbal supplement is the first slimming aid with full scientific proof* of its power to help lose weight. Zotrim works by helping you reduce your food intake, both during meals and between meals. *A clinical study by doctors, published in June 2001, involved 47 overweight people. The 50% that took Zotrim lost an average of 11 lb over 45 days, compared to under a pound for those on placebo. Those continuing on Zotrim successfully maintained their weight loss over a full 12 months. Full Description THE ZOTRIM APPROACH Feeling Overweight? A primary cause of being overweight is eating more than your body needs. New ZOTRIM is a herbal supplement designed to help you manage the physical triggers involved in deciding how much you eat. ZOTRIM can help you reduce weight steadily and healthily, as part of a diet management programme. Having achieved your target weight, ZOTRIM can help to keep it there and avoid the yoyo effect. Excellent evidence shows how well it works and the way it works. A clinical study by doctors, in which 47 overweight people took part, showed that the 50% that took ZOTRIM lost an average 11lb over 45 days compared with under one pound in the other 50% who took dummy tablets. A parallel study showed ZOTRIM slowed the rate of stomach emptying. This explains how ZOTRIM can reduce food intake and those taking ZOTRIM commonly feel fuller faster and stay feeling full for longer. Zotrim has been specifically formulated and tested to work as part of a weight and diet management programme. Zotrim tablets contain extracts of three herbs, all of which have been used for generations.

Zotrim Slimming Tablet Side Effects:

HOW TO USE Take two tablets with a full glass of water or other drink a few minutes before breakfast, lunch and your evening meal, or before you feel the need for a snack. You should be aiming to cut out snacks between meals as well as reducing the size of your main meals. We recommend six tablets daily. HOW LONG? ZOTRIM should be taken regularly until you reach your weight loss target. We recommend taking Zotrim for a minimum of a month, and for as long as it takes to change your eating habits. Ingredients Each Tablet contains: Dicalcium phosphate, Mate extract (27.5%), Guarana extract (23.3%), Damiana extract (9%), talc, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. Guarana contains caffeine, one tablet contains 5.96mg of caffeine, daily dosage (6 tablets) equivalent to 1/2 a cup of coffee. Zotrim contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners. Warnings It is common to start feeling fuller faster soon after taking Zotrim and so to observe that you are reducing your food intake. The losing of weight will be a gradual, not a sudden process, with positive results usually coming from the second week onwards and spread over the month. We recommend taking Zotrim for a minimum of one month and regularly until you reach your target weight. You can continue to take Zotrim for as long as it takes to change your eating habits. Anyone who is embarking on a slimming diet, especially if under the age of 18, pregnant, nursing, has a health problem, wants to lose more than 40 pounds (18 kilos) weight or more than 20% of their starting bodyweight, should consult their doctor before starting any weight reduction programme.

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