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Chemical Name: Panax Quinquefolium

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Cold FX 60 Capsule Valeant Canada 200 mg 1 $38.00
Cold FX 45 Grape Chewable Tablets Valeant Canada 200 mg 1 $38.00
Cold FX 45 Orange Chewable Tablets Valeant Canada 200 mg 1 $38.00
Cold FX 18 Capsules Valeant Canada 200 mg 1 $15.00
Cold FX 150 Capsules Valeant Canada 200 mg 1 $84.00
Cold FX 100 Extra Strength Capsules Valeant Canada 300 mg 1 $79.00
Cold FX 45 Extra Strength Capsules Valeant Canada 300 mg 1 $38.00
Cold FX 48 Capsules Valeant Canada 400 mg 1 $39.00
Cold FX 24 Capsules Valeant Canada 400 mg 1 $25.00

Cold FX Information:

COLD-FX is effective for both treatment and prevention of Cold and Flu. The Mechanism of Action studies indicate that COLD-FX regulates both antigen specific acquired and innate immune systems to combat cold and flu viral infection. It will also have effectiveness in the following conditions: Travel, work related fatigue and stress: The immune system needs daily attention, because we use it up each day, at different rates. That is why COLD-fX is a safe, daily nutrient to assist in fighting virus and strengthening the immune. Complementary to Flu shot: as seen in seniors clinical trial. Diet change or Quitting smoking. Assists in strengthening the bodies defenses and physiological balances when undergoing a change in the body.

Cold FX Side Effects:

COLD-FX® is an extract from North American Ginseng, due to our scientific patent called ChemBioPrint we remove all chemicals that can cause interactions and as a result the active ingredients are safe and the same in each and every capsule. The ingredients are an isolated compound of polysaccharides and oligosaccharides which are targeted specifically to the immune system.

Directions: Day 1:3 Capsules 3 Times Daily, Day 2:2 Capsules 3 Times Daily, Day 3: 1 Capsule 3 Times Daily, Every Day 1 Capsule 2 Times Daily Cautions: Interactions with medications or disease conditions have not been demonstrated in clinical studies with COLD-FX®. It is recommended that individuals currently taking medications, such as blood thinners (Coumadin) or high blood pressure medications, seek the advise of a physician before consuming COLD-FX®. The evidence is 10 years clinical trials and consumer use. Our clinical trials span 10 years and involve extensive study on Geriatric Population, IOC protocol testing on Elite Athletes and professional hockey teams.

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