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Osteoporosis affects more than 10 million women in America alone, and another 34 million have measurably low bone mass. This disorder, which primarily affects women after menopause, leads to an increased chance of bone fractures. Bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding themselves. As we age, however, the rebuilding process slows. Lifestyle issues such as smoking, too much alcohol, and a diet lacking in calcium can make the problem worse.

Calcium supplements, increasing the amount of calcium in your diet, and starting a program of weight-bearing exercise such as walking can all help slow bone loss. However, if you already have significant loss of bone mass, as measured by a simple, non-invasive test, your doctor may prescribe Fosamax. Fosamax works by decreasing the activity of those elements which break down bone cells, allowing the rebuilding elements to catch up. If used properly, Fosamax can even rebuild thinning bones.

Typically, Fosamax is taken in weekly doses of 40 or 70 milligrams, and is most effective when taken first thing in the morning and an hour prior to eating or drinking. While the drug can take three months or more to produce significant results, studies have shown that Fosamax will both significantly decrease a woman's chance of getting fractures at all and significantly decrease the number of fractures suffered by women that do have fractures.

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