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Chemical Name: Cadexomer Iodine 0.9%

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Iodoflex 6cm x 4cm Smith & Nephew United Kingdom 5 gm 5 $65.00
Iodoflex 8cm x 6cm Smith & Nephew United Kingdom 10 gm 3 $75.00
Iodoflex 8cm x 10cm Smith & Nephew United Kingdom 17 gm 2 $85.00

Iodoflex Information:

Iodoflex* Dressings are sterile formulations of Cadexomer Iodine. When applied to the wound, they absorb fluids, removing exudate, pus and debris and forming a gel over the wound surface. As they swell, iodine is released, killing bacteria and changing colour.

Iodoflex dressing contains 60% cadexomer iodine and 40% polyethylene glycol (as Lanogen 1500 consisting in equal parts of Macrogol 300 Ph Eur and Macrogol 1500 Ph Eur).

Helps Promote Wound Healing Pus and debris is removed effectively.
Iodoflex helps to promote a clean wound healing environment.
A change in colour indicates when Iodoflex should be changed.
Gel formed over the wound helps to facilitate moist healing.
Accelerated healing rates of chronic leg ulcers can lead to earlier patient discharges.

Iodoflex dressings contain Cadexomer iodine which can absorb up to 6 times its weight in fluid. Range of sizes to suit most wound sizes.

Patient comfort Iodoflex dressings treat infection, associated pain is reduced which can improve quality of life. Iodoflex is non-adhesive which can reduce trauma at dressing changes and encourage patient compliance.

Iodoflex Side Effects:

Iodoflex Directions:

Step 1: Choose a suitable size of dressing for the wound.
Step 2: Clean the wound and surrounding area with a gentle stream of sterile water or saline. DO NOT DRY.
Step 3: Remove carrier gauze on both sides of the dressing. Apply Iodoflex to wound surface.
Step 4: Iodoflex dressing can be moulded or cut to fit wound.
Step 5: Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing e.g. Melolin* or Allevyn*.
Step 6: Iodoflex dressing can be used for up to 3 months in a single course of treatment.

Iodoflex Precautions:

Iodine may be absorbed systemically, especially when large wounds are treated. Patients with severely impaired renal function or a past history of any thyroid disorder are more susceptible to alterations in thyroid metabolism with chronic Iodoflex therapy. In endemic goitre, there have been isolated reports of hyperthyroidism associated with exogenous idoine. It has been observed occasionally that an adherent crust can form when Iodoflex is not changed with sufficient frequency.

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