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License #13951
Tel: 604.543.8711

Pharmacy Address:
202B, 8322-130th Street
Surrey, BC
V3W 8J9

Pharmacy Manager:
Mohammed Hassan

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Canada prescription drugs are the hot new find for savvy internet shoppers. Millions of Americans are on some form of prescription drug. Unfortunately, the situation we have here makes it necessary for American citizens to subsidize pharmaceutical companies by paying extremely high prices for their essential prescription medications.

If you think it's this way everywhere in the world, well, think again. In Canada, for instance, the government has instituted strict price caps on all prescription drugs. Canadian citizens do not subsidize the pharmaceutical companies. They simply pay the reasonable price for Canada prescription drugs.

Now, the power of the consumer is flexing its muscle. American consumers are onto this disparity, and are now ordering discount prescription drugs from Canadian internet pharmacies in record numbers. This is a completely legal activity, and a whole trade has sprung up online to handle the demand.

The best internet pharmacies supply Canada prescription drugs at low prices, with the utmost concern for quality, safety, and consumer satisfaction. Online pharmacists fill your order, which cannot be filled without your doctor's approval. These pharmacists - sometimes as many as three in number - are in contact with your physician to verify the order accuracy, as well as any special conditions or drug sensitivities of yours that they need to be aware of.