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Prescriptions Dispensed by:
License #13951
Tel: 604.543.8711

Pharmacy Address:
202B, 8322-130th Street
Surrey, BC
V3W 8J9

Pharmacy Manager:
Mohammed Hassan

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Canadian prescription drugs are available at greatly reduced prices compared to their American counterparts. This is because of the Canadian government has been taking an active role in the issue of drug affordability for its citizens. Rather than Canadian citizens having to buckle under the tremendous strain of rising drug prices, like Americans are currently doing, the Canadian government for years has had a policy in place to ensure that this doesn't happen to its citizens.

Quite simply, the government of Canada has put price caps on prescription drugs in order to control drug prices. In other words, pharmaceutical companies aren't allowed to charge more than a certain amount for their medications in Canada. This yields great savings for consumers of Canadian prescription medication.

Note that I wrote "consumers of Canadian prescription medication". This means that you don't have to be a citizen of Canada to benefit from the consumer-friendly policies of the Canadian government. In fact, anyone with a doctor's approval and an online connection can take advantage of the lower drug prices offered in Canada!

Online, there are scores of Canadian internet pharmacies offering you discount prescription drugs with just a few clicks of the mouse. Many can offer you deep discounts. Just be sure that you're going with the most reputable companies and do your homework, just as you would with any important health issue. Go in armed with knowledge as well as your doctor's approval, and start saving big bucks on your prescription drugs.